JagDroid-BT Bluetooth Audio Upgrade

What is JagDroid-BT?

JagDroid-BT is an upgrade to the Jaguar factory CD, Cassette or MiniDisc player which adds Bluetooth audio streaming capability so that you can pair your phone or other Bluetooth device and play music through your Jaguar audio system. JagDroid-BT was formerly known as JagDroid-CD and JagDroid-Cassette.

It is a fully integrated solution which allows use of the existing steering wheel controls and front panel buttons to skip tracks (See note below) on your Bluetooth device, and no additional wiring or external buttons are involved so the modified unit is plug and play and looks absolutely factory.

JagDroid-BT uses AptX technology and the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 to offer CD-like audio quality, and as it injects audio directly into the Jaguar audio system the sound quality is far superior to alternatives such as an FM transmitter.

The original player still works as normal, and you can switch between CD/Tape/MD and Bluetooth audio by pressing the A.MEM button with media in the drive while it is playing.

Which Jaguar models does it work with?

It is available for the following Jaguar models:

  • Jaguar XJ X350 & X358, S-Type and X-Type, for touchscreen or non-touchscreen systems, CD player, Cassette or MiniDisc, with Alpine Premium audio or Standard audio systems
  • Jaguar XJ X308 1997-1999 model years
  • Jaguar XJ X308 2000-2003 model years
  • Jaguar XJ X300 1994-1997 model years
  • Jaguar XK 1997-2006 model years

It is a simplified alternative to the full JagDroid system for those who do not need the full Android experience, but do want to play music from their phone or other device through the Jaguar audio system.

If you have a touchscreen equipped X-Type, S-Type or XJ X350/8 and would prefer the full Android JagDroid upgrade you can find information about this option here

Please use the drop-down menu above to view the user guides

Please note that JagDroid-BT does not support handsfree telephone calling – you must use the original Jaguar bluetooth module to handle telephone calls. Your phone should be paired with the Jaguar bluetooth telephone and JagDroid-BT devices at the same time, and it will automatically use the correct device for music or phone.

Watch the videos:

XJ X308 2000-2003
XJ X308 1997-2000
XJ X350, S-Type and X-Type

How can I get JagDroid-BT?

JagDroid-BT is is a fully integrated solution which utilises the existing steering wheel controls and front panel buttons, and offers the ultimate in audio quality. No additional wiring or external buttons are involved, and the modified unit is plug and play.

You can send your existing player to me here in the UK and I will perform the JagDroid-BT bluetooth upgrade and send your player back. I aim to turn this around in 1-2 days. The cost for this service is £185 which includes UK return post. To order or make an enquiry about international shipping please send an email to info@jagdroid.org

(*) Front panel button track skipping is not available on the X308 2000-2003 model, only skip forwards is available on the XK8/XKR 1997-2006 model, and both steering wheel & front panel track skipping is not available on the cassette versions of the X350/S-Type and X-Type (must be done directly on the connected Bluetooth device)