JagDroid-BT User Guide – XJ X300 (1994-1997)

JagDroid-BT is an upgrade to the factory CASSETTE player which adds Bluetooth audio streaming functionality

Please note that JagDroid-BT does not support handsfree telephone calling, it supports only audio streaming.

Operating instructions – X300 model years 1994-1997:

Basic functions:

    • Ensure you have an cassette in the player
    • Press TAPE to enable Cassette/Bluetooth mode – if cassette audio is heard, press A.MEM and you will hear silence which indicates Bluetooth mode is active
    • Press TA to enter Bluetooth discovery mode
    • On your Phone, go to the Bluetooth menu and search for devices – you will see JagDroid-BT appear, select this device to connect
    • On your Phone check that the volume is set to maximum, play your music and it will be received by the JagDroid-BT unit and played through the Jaguar speakers
    • Please note that the X300 does not have steering wheel controls, so you have to control the track selection on the phone itself
    • Press A.MEM to switch between Cassette audio and Bluetooth audio modes
    • Press REVERSE (number 4) to send a PLAY/PAUSE command over Bluetooth
    • The JagDroid-BT unit will automatically connect to the last connected Bluetooth device when the ignition is switched on.
    • If the Bluetooth device is disconnected for any reason, go to the Bluetooth settings on your Phone and choose JagDroid-BT from your list of known devices to re-connect. If the connection is not successful press TA to enter discovery mode and try again
    • If you ‘Forget’ the Jagdroid-BT bluetooth device from your phone, simply press TA while the JagDroid-BT player is in bluetooth mode (i.e. cassette in the player and playing, but no sound heard from the system). This will re-enter discover mode and your phone should be able to re-pair
    • Please note that when the cassette reaches the end it will auto-reverse, and the Bluetooth audio will be muted for a short moment – this is normal
    • If you still have issues please send a direct message through the Facebook page for assistance! http://www.facebook.com/jagdroid.org

Configuration mode:

  • Hold MODE for approx 5 seconds – Enter configuration options mode (you will hear 5 clicks)
    • Press << – Enable/disable auto-stop via bluetooth: When changing from TAPE (bluetooth) mode to AM/FM or CDC, automatically send a STOP command to the currently paired bluetooth audio device (1 click = disabled, 2 clicks = enabled).
    • Press >> – Enable/disable auto-play via bluetooth: When changing from AM/FM, CDC or Radio Off to TAPE (bluetooth) mode, automatically send a PLAY command to the currently paired bluetooth audio device (1 click = disabled, 2 clicks = enabled).
    • Press ENTER – Enable/disable auto-reconnect to last connected bluetooth device on power-up. (1 click = disabled, 2 clicks = enabled).